Lose Yourself

September 1, 2015

Alright, alright, alright!  Where do we start?  


Things just continue to get crazy but I am telling you, there are some amazing lessons that I am learning throughout this journey, one of which (to quote my favorite guy, Eminem: ) Lose Yourself.  Yes, the value of losing yourself in what you love, in what you do, in your purpose and in your goals is what will define everything that you take on.


I recently booked a lead in a web series and at this time cannot release details but let me say this: if there was a time where no f$ck$ were given, this would be that time.  Now that does not go to say that I did not care - quite the contrary.  It meant that I gave no thought to my fears, to my anxieties, to my doubts and allowed myself to just lose myself in the role and go hard. It meant for those five or ten minutes that I was in the callback room, that role was mine and I will do my own interpretation and make that role Lisa's role not what I think will be the director's idea of the role because I really couldn't tell you and neither could he.


Yesterday, I found myself in a five-hour callback - yes, five.  I read three scenes, one of which was for a role I saw an opportunity to lose myself in and I decided I would.  There was no holding back because this character was mine and I took her places the older me would say "Oh, maybe I should hold back....maybe this will make the reader uncomfortable...." The script said yell, I would yell to which the director screamed "louder" and by the end, I was screaming.  The script said kiss the other character, I did and then the reader went back to kiss me again - no complaints.  Much more happened, throwing a baby doll hard at the reader, taking a takedown to the ground (Reader: I don't want to take you down...Me:It's cool, I've got a background in stunt training...Reader: Oh!)


In the end, it all comes together when you make that decision to lose yourself and you make clear what it is you are setting out to do.  But overall, you have got to make that decision that you are ready - that you are ready to take on the challenges that you have decided to set out for yourself and ready to take those risks.

October is going to be one hell of a month for me but we know that's just the beginning.  

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