August 6, 2015

Holy shit! Excuse my French...


Let me tell you about the past two weeks of my life.  To be an actress who has a background in stunts and fighting, you have to train hard and push your body to the limit.  So I decided that to get better at stunts, why not train at Hollywood Stunts?  And like that, I did.  


Now I train hard in Jeet Kune Do and other martial arts but nothing can prepare you for stunt training, except the necessary mental preparation.  Turns out I like being hit by cars and am pretty damn good at it, if I do say so myself.  Let me back up though: I had no idea what to expect and the experiences that I can only show you in my recently created stunt and fight reel featured below ( and just surpassed over 100 views on YouTube!)


do not fully capture what one puts their mind and body through to achieve and overcome these stunts.  High falls challenged me the most and confronted me with fears I didn't know I had and completing a front flip 20-feet high was a huge success for me. However, repelling 30-feet high and going upside down (Spiderman style) was easy.


Now that I have completed stunt training, I am looking at what is next and what other challenges do I need, to make myself a well-rounded actress and overall, person. I've got some solid ideas and know that continuing to challenge myself not only physically but mentally is the direction I need to continue on.  I am now creating my own opportunities by developing a script and training harder in martial arts.  


I'm very grateful for the responses I have been getting and I am going to be doing a test shoot for an action film on a 3-D camera that I just completed a callback for.  


Things are good but does not mean the work stops.  This journey truly is about being unstoppable.




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